Monday, June 4, 2012

Bob Proctor, Secret Best 3 Tips For 'law Of Attraction' Success

The wise have known about the Law of Attraction for centuries. It was looked upon as The Secret of Life by ancient sages and seers, and recorded throughout history in spiritual and religious teachings all over the world.
In this modern age, we have been reintroduced to The Secret of Life by the movie and book, 'The Secret'. Since its release in 2006, in has become a worldwide phenomenon, and its author, Rhonda Byrne has done a fantastic job of spreading the word and changing peoples lives forever.
However. The book 'The Secret' was just an 'introduction' to The Secret of Life, and not a step by step action plan on how to turn your thoughts into things. Since then, we've had a barrage of 'self-help experts' queuing to show us how it's done.
For me Bob Proctor, secret teacher who appears first in the movie, has a perfect understanding, and it boils down to 3 simple tips that I'd love to share with you:

Tip 1 - Really Identify Your Innermost Desire
Not as easy as you might think. You might want that promotion at work - but why? Ask yourself 'What Do I REALLY Want?" Did you want the promotion so you have more cash? If you do, why? So you can give your children the life you never had? OK - then forget the promotion, the desire is 'To Give My Kids a Happy and Full Childhood Full of Love".
If you want a promotion at work but it's not about the cash - then why do you want it? What Do You REALLY Want? Perhaps to feel good about yourself because you believe you've been 'passed over' at work? Then really, what you want is to feel good about yourself! Identify that and write it down (best to do so in the present tense) "I feel great about myself - I'm a natural leader and (fill in the blank).

Tip 2 - Visualize.
Having identified what you really want, and having written it down, the next step is to see it. I find the best way to do this is to leave myself reminders around the home and office.
One wish I had was to travel around the Caribbean island hopping.
I trawled the web for photos of different islands, added them to my desktop and screen saver slideshow, and then printed them out. The photos went above my desk on a cork board, on the fridge door, on my bedside table - wherever I might see them often.
Whenever I got the chance, I would shut my eyes and imagine the sun on my face and the sound of waves crashing, take a deep breath and be full of gratitude for my island hopping trip.
Within a year, I was invited on a trip that took in Barbados, St Lucia, Granada, The Dominican Republic, as well as St Vincent and The Grenadines. The best part - the trip cost me nothing! I'll explain in a moment.
Tip 3 - Take Massive Action
Many people I've met over the last few years, tell me 'they tried the Law of Attraction and it didn't work for them'. When I discuss their actions, it usually transpires that they gave a lot of thought to what they wanted, but did little else.
My advice is to take action - Colossal action.
Take my desire to visit the Caribbean. Did it just magically appear in a chorus of angels? No. Did it appear in a way that sent goose bumps down my spine - yes.
I had an email inviting me to a seminar based on real estate investment. It was the same invite I'd received weeks before, and yet because I had goals to fulfil, I decided to attend the meeting.
The person who invited me was into buying and letting property in the UK, and also into Spanish Property, and although I had no idea what it was that he was into at that time, I chose to accept the invitation. I knew that if I were to get to the Caribbean, I was going to have to do something different to what I was doing now - SO DECIDED TO LEAVE NO STONE UNTURNED, AND TO EXPLORE EVERY OPPORTUNITY THAT 'JUST HAPPENED' TO COME MY WAY.
When I attended the seminar, it happened to be about a great investment opportunity in - you guessed it, the Caribbean! Most people present complained - because the email invite had made it sound like it would be about UK or European investments. I just smiled.
Further action was needed - I went to many more meetings, visited the head office of the Caribbean developers, explored ways that I might invest myself, introduced friends to the company, and eventually got invited along on an agents trip to all of the islands. It cost me nothing in the end.
Who would have thought that there was a way to fulfil a dream at no financial expense at all? Yet there was. There is.
First - Carefully choose your wish, and be truthful about what you REALLY want and why.
Second - Leave yourself visual reminders at home and around your work place.
Third - take action, take Massive action. Look out for 'coincidences' and act on them daily.
There is more to learn, and we can expand on these Top 3 Tips For 'Law of Attraction' Success, but following this guide is an excellent starting point in beginning to uncover The Secret of Life. And what a fantastic life it is.

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