Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Fx Robots - Truth Or Scam?

Forex robots work when you use optimal settings. The problem that people run into with forex robots is when they deviate from the original settings and being tampering with the original design.

The majority of forex robots come with a complete setup guide, or in some cases video tutorials that walks one through the setup process. The robot then acts on a set of rules or indicators and when conditions are met, a trade is taken. A quality trading system will do everything from start to finish flawlessly. Everything from opening the trade to setting the stop-loss, to taking the profit and even being able to adjust itself during choppy market conditions. People tend to say trading systems or forex robots do not work . This is only the case when they do not know how to properly identify a quality system or begin changing the settings the system was originally designed for. Sure, it's great to experiment with new settings and different currency pairs, however it's also wise to use the fx trading robot as the manual suggests without tampering with the settings.

So how then do we identify a quality forex trading system? There are dozens of robots to choose from, in fact hundreds, how can you possibly know which ones are actually going to work? There is a simple formula or set of questions one can ask themselves that will help weed out all of the junk. One of the first things we need to identify or ask ourselves is how many currency pairs does the trading system trade on? Is it one, five, or a dozen? We only want to pay attention to systems that trade on one currency pair, simply because each currency pair tends to move and react differently within the markets. For example, the Euro dollar tends to trend and it's daily range is a lot smaller compared to the Yen. It's not possible for a day trading system to be an expert on each currency pair due to the nature of each, therefore we again will only focus our attention on systems that trade on one currency pair.

The next question we have to ask ourselves, is how does the trading system perform during choppy markets? A quality forex trading system is always back tested for a least the past 3 years. If a system can withstand various market conditions through back testing, or should I say how the system would have performed based on historical data, and focuses on one currency pair, then you have yourself a quality trading robot.

Again, there are plenty of fx trading systems out there. When reviewing various trading robots, pay close attention to personal testimonials and look for proof that the robot has proven itself. If we find a system that meets our criteria, then it's definitely worth looking into.

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