Monday, July 16, 2012

Sex Toys

The taboo around buying sex toys still exists today but should we be asking ourselves why should I be embarrassed if I wish to own, or even more so, enjoy using a sex toy or sex aid.

Married or with a partner, bi or gay, young or old, there seems a natural embarrassment when it comes to buying a sex toy, whether it's for spicing up sex within a relationship or to be used for self satisfaction the process of buying a sex toy can be both daunting and possibly nerve racking. These feelings are perfectly normal and natural but to help quash these fears please be assured no matter how you feel about this situation there will be others out there who are more embarrassed and wanting to buy something a lot more adventurous or even kinkier'.

By reading this on a web browser you already have the possibility open to each and every one of us to explore and enjoy this wonderful and exciting world of pleasurable assistance to either masturbation, solo' sex or enriching yours and your partners sexual experiences. Our modern world gives us the comfort and convenience of exploring the possibilities at our leisure and the freedom of choice is immense.

The myths around masturbation and sex, like the fact you will go blind or will become infertile are as unfounded as black is white so if you are thinking of buying any of the wide variety of sex toys available why not take a look and make your own choices. As stated above the choice is immense and right here on the internet, the fact you can sit at home and browse' is a luxury, maybe we all need to use in order to get the information we need before buying.

By using the internet the embarrassment is gone, the need to find your local adult' store and ask questions to the assistant behind the counter is no longer needed and even they can't have as many answers as here on the net. The information and choice available is here and waiting to be explored and when you have your answers and feel you are ready the majority of adult on line stores offer you secure and on line ordering with discreet packaging and even the credit card statement displays a name where no one would even think you were making a transaction with an adult store.

If you feel now you may wish to buy a sex toy or sex aid or are looking for further information it is worth the time to take into account a few considerations:

1. What extent of stimulation are you hoping to achieve (are you replacing a partner and wish for full orgasm by self masturbation or would you like something to tempt and tease' you ready for a partner to fulfil do you want it to hurt in a sexual way) 2. Which part of your body do you find arouses you to that extent of arousal (some women prefer clitoral stimulation opposed to actual penetration some prefer nipple stimulation some men prefer mutual masturbation as opposed to solo masturbation) 3. What is a certain no go area' (anal stimulation can be either very pleasurable or extremely painful its your body) 4. Is this toy for two of you to enjoy will you both get equal pleasure 5. Look for any information with regards to the proper use of toy but bear in mind the excitement of experimenting, and feel free to ask questions, here on the net you are just a username.

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